Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Updates

First of all, I'm pleased to say that we are moving forward on Strange Voyages. Right now, we are hiring writers and a cover artist for the promised anthology (which will be provided to all backers as an ebook). We should have playtest packages out to people shortly and are hoping to commence playtesting ASAP (Some alpha testing has already been done). Our planned final release date is October, unless we get some kind of massive delay on the extra art we're buying. Thanks to all of our backers!

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow. Emerald Star Comics will be offering some freebies - check out their event here: There will be some sneak peeks, although I don't know of exactly which titles at this point. Either way, it's free comics!

RavenCon went very well except for the particularly bad case of con crud I brought home. (Next time I'm packing the vitamin C tablets, dang it).

I'm already halfway through the June episode of Making Fate. And I have a Secret Project after that and there's more work in negotiation - all stuff I can't talk about yet! (Yes, I'm teasing you people).