Thursday, May 1, 2014

Breaking Up... hard to do.

But really, if all you can offer me is what you're doing right now? I've given you chance after chance - two and a half years of chances, in fact.

Nothing you do satisfies. Nothing you do works. So, I don't have any choice but to end our relationship. Maybe I'll take you back - but if you want that to happen, you're going to have to change a few things.

Give me some happiness. Give me some human relationships that aren't dysfunctional and struggling.

Give me more female characters who aren't there to motivate the men or just be in the background. Let Kate and Maggie get married. Stop telling us we're not ready for Diana to have her own movie.

And, in 2014, don't change a character's race only to promptly turn him into a walking stereotype.

Yes, DC Comics, for now at least, I'm done with you. After twenty years of fandom and something like 12 of regularly subscribing - I canceled all of my subs today.

To come back, I want quality work, a change in the editorial policy that bans heroes from having happy home lives. I want to feel that as a female fan I'm not being ignored and dismissed. I want to see some real representation without box checking or stereotyping. (To give fair due, I like Simon Baz. It's the new Wally I have problems with and, of course, Kate Kane is a pretty decent example of a lesbian character.) Bringing back StormWatch with the creative team that did that fantastic issue 30 would help too.

I'll keep watching Arrow - it's clear the live action TV people are marching to a different drummer. But I'm not giving any more of my money to DC Comics until they get their act together. If I keep buying it, they'll keep thinking I want it.

And for the sake of my comic store - recommendations? Preferably not DC or Marvel (I have Marvel covered).