Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And I Return

Balticon was all kinds of awesome.

The public speaking panel was greatly appreciated (and, as it turns out, suggested by no less than three people). I may try and do it again next year and possibly also at another con or two, assuming the right expertise can be found.

Perspectives on Disability was more popular than we thought it would be - I was joking afterwards about hanging wheelchairs from the ceiling! If we do that again, we'll have to try and find a bigger room.

+Nobilis Reed  is a Cards Against Humanity shark. Not so much in the actual panel, where he seemed to have a bad hand, but we played another game... Yeah, I'm blowing his cover.

I've also been interviewed for the +Mythwits video cast - he said that should be up in two or three weeks.

So, yes, it was an absolutely awesome con. And I have more panel ideas for next year.