Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I'm Working On

I've been pretty busy marketing the kickstarter lately, but I do still have some stuff I'm working on.

I'm working on a short story - which I'm hoping to finish drafting up today. Then I get to start the next episode of Making Fate, which I absolutely have to get done by May 1 because I'm going to be so busy for most of May I need to get it queued (Yes, here's a secret, I'm not logging on at 8am every day to post it. I'm not a morning person!)

Then I'm going to do some fiddling with my script portfolio, which I'll link here when I'm happy with it (right now, I'm kind of not).

Oh, and con prep. Less than 30 days to RavenCon and Balticon is about 30 days after that...