Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm Back!

Well, I got back yesterday, but didn't manage to get to posting (oops).

RavenCon was awesome...even if I did manage to volunteer myself to teach three hours of high school (The kids were fantastic - but they were humanities magnet program kids on the college track, so...they were quite enthusiastic about talking to me).

And hey, I managed to avoid ending up in the Klingon brig.

I'd like to shout out Jennifer Hancock for putting together a wonderful program, the Baen Barflies for letting me sample their very expensive whiskey, a slew of absolutely wonderful panelists - and all the people who dragged themselves out of bed at 9am to attend the Dr Who panel.

It's a great little con. Even if I did drink a bit too much whiskey. (What is it about RavenCon and whiskey? Anyone know the answer?)