Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dress Codes And Hair Police

There have been a rash of stories lately about kids being sent home from school for violating hair rules - and in at least two cases the hairstyles were being worn in support of a friend or relative with cancer.

Most schools now have dress codes, even at the elementary school level. In most cases, they're fairly sensible, although fear of "gang colors" can lead to some ridiculous rules. Some rules are just plain silly.

It's common, for example, to ban shirts with emblems from other schools, particularly ones that aren't in the state. Why? The "gang" excuse is normally listed, but a 5-year-old was asked to turn a T-shirt inside-out because of it. Five-year-olds aren't in gangs, people.

Hair is a common controversy. Many codes ban long hair for boys, but not girls (sexist, anyone?)

Another school was forced to ban ugg boots - because students were using them as smuggling compartments.

More practically - bans on slippers and pajamas.

Now a Florida school wants to take things one step further - and enforce certain of the rules on parents coming to pick their kids up.

That is starting to get ridiculous...