Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cool Tech Stuff

SpaceX has been jinxed lately. They're going to make another attempt to launch the Dragon tomorrow. Let's hope this one goes better than the previous ones. (To be fair, it's an experimental vehicle and bound to have a few glitches).

Research published puts us one step closer to substituting plastic for silicon in computers. Silicon is a non-renewable resource that has to be mined - making it fairly expensive. Plastic chips could be used to drop the prices of processing power in cell phones and the like - ultimately making cell phones even more powerful. The researchers, at the University of Iowa, have found an energy-efficient way to get stored information off of plastic chips.

Oh, and a new moon may be coalescing from the rings of Saturn. We aren't sure yet - and given the timescale in planet formation... But it's kind of cool.