Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Projects, projects...

How did I end up with seven short stories that I want to write? Oh, right, because I insist on spending time looking for markets and keep finding these wonderful theme anthologies.

Part of the business is that not every story I write will be bought by the market I write it for. Most, in fact, won't. A lot of writers don't like to talk about rejection. Personally, I don't like to hype stories until I know when and whether and where they will be published. (Sometimes I get wary even then, having had more than one project fall apart between acceptance and publication, which is also part of the business).

I keep my Friday updates to things I'm comfortable about hyping. (Hoping to add a little something to the list soon). But I actually have around 30 projects that are in the queue...either being worked on or planned for. More projects than time, in fact.

Which is also part of the business. People worry about other writers stealing their ideas, to which my response is: 'I already have too many. Why would I want yours?'

I think that's the same for all of us. Now, excuse me, I have a script to edit, a short story to edit, another short story to write...