Friday, April 27, 2018

So, Why... flat earth stuff so popular now? I mean, seriously?

The current way they get around 'why we haven't walked off the edge' is that the edge is in Antarctica on the other side of a giant ice wall patrolled by NASA. (What this theory fails to explain is exactly why NASA would be lying about it - they argue that it was about faking the space race, but still, why?)

And it gets better. Flat Earthers say the sun and moon are spotlights. Lunar eclipses are explained by the existence of an "Antimoon" (That sounds like something a comic book writer would come up with).

Gravity is caused by the earth constantly accelerating upwards powered by Dark Energy. I could not make this stuff up and I lie for money. And yes, it's really in their FAQ.

They genuinely believe the earth looks flat (Uh, actually, if you get out far enough on the ocean it really...doesn't?)

Of course, this all makes me vaguely tempted to write a fantasy story set on an actual flat Earth...with all the science properly thought through.

In my copious free time ;).

Why is it so popular? Probably because climate change denial is...people just don't want to believe scientists or something.

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