Wednesday, April 4, 2018


...the universe will not start to break down in "as little as 1000 years."

There's an article circulating that says that from a site named Valuewalk, which appears to be mostly a business site.

So, let's debunk, shall we?

Valuewalk said Harvard scientists have predicted the end of the universe altogether in 10139 years - at which point the "laws of physics will break down." And that the laws of physics may change in as soon as 1058 years.

Whoever wrote this article failed to read basic scientific notation.

It's 10139 years - that's so ridiculously far off in the future we can imagine it. IF they're right. And the point at which the laws of physics start to noticeably degrade is, you got it, 1058years.

10 to the power of 58. 10 to the power of 2 is 100, 3 is 1000, etc.

So, even if they're right, which can only be to the limits of current knowledge, we have a long, long time.

Not just over 1000 years.

(This has to be one of the most stupid I've encountered yet. I'm tempted to make a website debunking all of this stuff, but really...)

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