Tuesday, April 24, 2018

RavenCon Highlights

First of all, I haven't been at a con where so little went wrong. The worst thing that happened was somebody knocked one of my pins off of The Jacket and I wasn't able to retrieve it. I also can't remember what it said so I obviously wasn't that attached to that one. (If it was "The Person Behind This Button Is Really Dr Samuel Becket" I'd have had to get it re-made ;)).

But given normal convention hijinks... Apparently there was no A/C in con ops all weekend, and people were avoiding working there...but still. The fire alarm didn't go off, none of the panels I was on didn't have a moderator (Babylon 5 came close, the moderator was late enough that I offered to take over right before he walked in).

I can't even say there were highlights, because all of the panels I was on went very well. There were some minor issues in the LGBT representation panel. Sadly, the con was unable to find any Ts to be on the panel and I found myself sticking up for the need to stop casting cis men as trans women...to a cis man who was on the panel. Sorry, but where I come from a man playing a woman is automatically a joke, and the excuse that there are no trans woman actors does not fly. If you really can't find one, cast a cis woman. I'd gladly panel with the gentleman concerned again, but I hope he learns a little more understanding of the issues faced by other parts of the community. The panel itself went well other than that hiccup.

It was great to meet the regulars, too. And to get my photograph taken with a very special guest (whom we hope will become a recurring guest) - Bishop the Raven.