Friday, April 13, 2018

Con Survival Tips

Because we're well into spring con season and I haven't done this in a while. If you're going to con remember a few things:

1. Get enough sleep. I can't repeat it enough. It's one I've fallen down on myself, but it's easy to pull all-nighters...and then fall asleep in a panel room.

2. Hydrate. At large cons a water bottle is a good idea. Remember alcohol does not count as hydration.

3. Fight con crud with immune system boosters - at the very least those little vitamin C lozenges.

4. If you're speaking, take throat lozenges in case you get hoarse.

5. If somebody invites you to a room party, make sure you aren't the only person invited. It's rare, but it...has happened. Ahem.

6. Don't hassle cosplayers. Ask before taking photos.

7. Program participants/speakers are not volunteers. They may have no more clue where the nearest restroom is than you do...