Sunday, June 6, 2010


It often comes from news stories. I trawl the news for story ideas every day.

Every so often, however, you come across a story you can't use for inspiration...because, as they say in our household, 'Even the cat wouldn't buy it'. (No, we don't own a cat. Long story).

Let's take this.

I thought the headlined, 'US porn star in cliff-fall death' had promise. Click.

So. This guy got fired from a porn studio. He promptly went to the props department and stole a katana. He used it to attack several of his former coworkers, killing one. Chased by police, he goes up a mountain in California, stands on the top threatening to kill himself. Police shoot him with rubber bullets, but he's so close to the cliff behind him that he falls to his death.

How can I use that? Nobody would ever believe it! It's like the plot of a bad movie. Of course, its likely to sit around in my brain and escape at a later date.