Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Oscar Results

Best Picture: The Shape of Water.

Now, I'm not a del Toro fan and had no interest in this movie, but it is so rare for a genre film to win that I have to laud it anyway. The Shape of Water also won Directing, Original Score, and Production Design.

Blade Runner 2049 won Cinematography (deserved) and Special Effects (unsurprising - it had relatively light competition in this category).

Coco won Best Animation and while I never saw it I'm hearing a lot of people who's judgment I trust say it was deserved. Which is so rare in the Oscars. My friends and I don't often watch the kind of thing that gets Academy Awards.

And del Toro insisted on personally checking the card was correct before accepting his statuette, indicating that it may be a while before the Academy lives down last year's La La Land fiasco...

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