Monday, March 26, 2018

First Reaction To SyFy's "Krypton."

A show about Superman's homeworld? The concept intrigued me - even as I suspected that something might be going on under the surface.

SyFy has been here before - Caprica, the prequel show to Battlestar Galactica was a very similar concept. It was never hugely popular and lasted a single season.

Is Krypton going to do any better? It's tied in to a far larger property, of course, and with Supergirl doing pretty well on the CW and noted write Bendis taking over the Superman comics, Superman is hot despite...well, let's not go into why Zach Snyder should not be allowed anywhere near the character ever again.

The first episode did a reasonable job of setting the scene without exposition, but it somehow didn't feel like Krypton. It might have been young Seg-El's hairdo, it might have been the body language of the characters, but the Krypton of the show to me felt like... a vaguely evil Vulcan.

It felt almost like they wanted to do a show about pre-enlightenment Vulcan, couldn't get the rights, so filed off the serial numbers and then wrapped the entire thing up in Superman's cape.

To make it more Superman-y, Adam Strange shows up, complete with...

...Superman's cape.

(And believe me, trust me, I made the Superman's cape joke before the actual artifact showed up on screen).

One thing bothered me:

The House of Zod are black.

In fact, we see quite a few black Kryptonians.

Good diversity, right?

Not when every one of them is military guild.

Maybe they'll fix it in future episodes, but...having every black person in your show be a soldier is a problem, people. Mix it up. I doubt they realize they're stereotyping, but they are.

In other notes:

Yes, I will get around to watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I slogged through Inhumans. The predictable ending did nothing to save what went before. Sorry, Marvel, but you failed.

I am caught up on the C.W. shows. Iris as the Flash was amusing, but why magenta lightning? Not sure about that aesthetic decision.

The entire search for the totems thing got semi-ruined by a certain person who had to compare them to Infinity Stones. Thanks. You know who you are.

And the Elvis episode belonged in a different and sadly-deceased show: Warehouse 13. It was fun, but...yeah.