Monday, March 5, 2018

Black Panther

So...between avoiding crowds and family issues I finally saw it.

Here are some thoughts:

1. MCU, please give me Peter and Shuri. No, I don't want them to date. I want them in a lab geeking out. I think they would be amazing (and scary) friends. Pun intended.

2. General Okoye had all the best lines in the movie.

3. If this movie doesn't get an Oscar nomination for both Best Costume and Best Makeup next year I will suspect racism. The costumes...the costumes.

4. The city design for Wakanda was also amazing. Who painted that matte? (It looked suspiciously like a traditional matte and it was just gorgeous).

5. Amazing worldbuilding. The consistent accents were such a nice touch. So was the fact that the mud huts at the Wakandan border looked like they were part of a museum display ;). You could tell they were fake.

6. Everyone in this movie was amazingly talented (and, uh, gorgeous).

7. I now understand the Killmonger/Magneto parallels that have been made. As a white Jew, Magneto resonates with me - and I think I can see, although never understand, why Killmonger might resonate with many African-Americans.

8. Never turn your back on family. Not a message I was expecting to be there, but it was there and it was powerful.

Was it my favorite MCU movie? No, but that says more about my aesthetic preferences (I'm fond of a bit more, well, silliness with my superheroes) than the quality of the movie. If you haven't made it yet, then get to a theater.