Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tentative Farpoint Schedule

As always with convention schedules, this is open to change

Friday 3pm - Chesapeake 1 - How Much Science Should A Science Fiction Author Know?
Friday 4pm - Atrium - Signing
Friday 7pm - Chesapeake 1 - Myths and Legends in Fantasy
Friday 10pm - Dulaney 1-2 - Farpoint Book Fair
Saturday Noon - Chesapeake 2 - Coming Into Our Own (Female leads in science fiction/fantasy media)
Saturday 1pm - Chesapeake 3-6 - Reading
Saturday 2pm - Chesapeake 2 - Bigger On The Inside (Doctor Who)
Saturday 4pm - Atrium - Signing
Saturday 9pm - Chesapeake 1 - It IS You: Beating Back Imposter Syndrome

I will have limited print copies of Transpecial, The Silent Years and Falling Dusk for sale during the book fair and signing sessions. I will be at the con on Sunday, it just so happens they didn't schedule me for anything that day.

Again, as always, schedule is subject to change.