Monday, January 30, 2017

And sometimes... see a piece of science news so farfetched you just have to check it. And this time it's not cold fusion.

The phrase is "time crystals."

Which sounds like something the Doctor uses to control his TARDIS.

But time crystals - crystals who's lattices repeat in time rather than space - have now been made in three different labs, which is way ahead of cold fusion. They're similar to how qubits work in quantum computers. They can be made in different ways - meaning they're being classed as a new phase of matter.

And they break the laws of physics as we know them, because they break "time symmetry." This is matter that is not in equilibrium - that is to say it moves without energy. Whoah.

In fact, time crystals can't be time crystals without moving.

Practical use? Absolutely none...yet. (There's some possibility time crystals may be the RAM for a quantum computer).

But...well...breaking the laws of physics is something every scientist wants to do.