Friday, December 18, 2015

Tales from Indies Anthology - Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club

So, I mentioned the Tales from Indies Anthology before (Get your own copy free here with coupon code BU68H).

I wanted to talk a bit about the story I chose to include - Saturday Night At The Wonderland Club.

As anyone who follows this blog knows, Transpecial was first published by Musa Publishing. Musa also published a themed speculative fiction periodical called Penumbra. One of their issues was a tribute issue to Lewis Carroll.

Okay, so, where could I go with Lewis Carroll? I'm not big on sending characters to Wonderland, but Alice was always social commentary - so I decided social commentary was the way to go. To make the hook more obvious, I named the speakeasy in the story the "Wonderland Club" - but what the story is really about is the growing inequality and division in our society and the attitudes people have to how the poor should be treated and helped. (Alice in Wonderland is often seen as social satire). Any more would be spoilered - except to say that the story, which was published in Penumbra originally, is really about how too many people in our society view poverty and the poor.

Anything else is open to what readers might put in there.