Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dear "Supergirl" Writers (SPOILERS for Monday's episode)

You're doing a good job. Keep it up.

But I refuse to believe, as articles indicate, that you have no idea that Hank Henshaw is an actual, existing DC character. So what you did with him? You tricked us. Twists are one thing, but tricking people who know the canon so as to make sure they can't guess...that's not playing fair by your viewers. (I like it, just...the name...)

For those who don't know, Hank Henshaw is Cyborg Superman from The Death of Superman arc. In New 52 Cyborg Superman is Zor-El, so they may be going that way with this.

But he's still an existing character, not just a new identity for a certain Martian. As much as I love a certain Martian.


Which means they win the Plush Cthulhu (I want to throw it at the screen) not Moffatt, who completely destroyed my Doctor Who theory in the season finale. He apparently wasn't saying Clara shouldn't try to be the Doctor, but has turned it into "When the Companion can stand equal to the Doctor their relationship will always come to an end." (Fits everyone except Amy, who chose otherwise).