Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Professor Odd - The False Student by Goldeen Ogawa

I'm going to be blunt - I'm pretty sure Goldeen Ogawa is a Doctor Who fan, who falls in that subset of Doctor Who fans who would like to see him turn into a woman, at least for a regeneration or two.

That's not a criticism - but this novella (the first of several) will probably appeal primarily to people who like Doctor Who's peculiar brand of weird. Professor Odd with her companion (an intelligent dog-like creature) hooks up with Alister Bane at college...which ends up with some bad things (and good ones) happening to poor Alister.

It's a fun, quick read, but is definitely on the, well, yes, the "Odd" side. I found it quite entertaining, although it probably doesn't need too much thought on the science side. Then again, neither does Doctor Who.