Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Farpoint Roundup

Farpoint's a little different from the other cons I've been going to - it's a small media con rather than a literary con, but one that's trying to expand it's book-related programming.


A high quality science track, especially for such a small con.
Prometheus Radio Theater - hilarious, and thank you Tim Russ for being a good sport and joining in for "The Maltese Vulcan."
The Favorite Heroines panel was very well attended. (I also thank the people who turned out at 10am after many people were up until after 3 for Fantastic Voyage).
Peter David singing some rather inappropriate karaoke. Yes, I am immortalizing that. Just be glad I didn't have a video camera.


The hotel is about to be renovated - and it needs it. I haven't had so many hotel issues at any other con, including a barkeep who tried to tell me the difference between Angry Orchard Classic and Redd's Apple Ale was "the label."

Hopefully, things will be better on front next year.

I am not going to weigh in on the controversy that caused the apology to be posted on the Farpoint website, except to say that I believe the con will move on from this and fix their problems. I have faith in them.