Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Farpoint Convention Schedule

Just got my formal schedule for Farpoint. (With the usual caveat that things can change at the con - as long as we don't have any Alien Sex incidents).

Star Wars & Disney: The New Republic - we're going to discuss thoughts, hopes, and concerns about the new Star Wars movies. Friday, 5.00PM

Favorite Heroines - Conventional & Unconventional (moderator) - I'm still considering exactly where to take this one, but I have some interesting ideas. Friday, 6:00PM

Author Reading with Richard White and Gregory A. Wilson. Saturday, 2:00PM

Public Speaking For Authors (moderator) - A repeat of the panel I moderated at Balticon last year, but with different people. Saturday, 5:00PM

When The Journey Is The Destination (moderator) - The Fantastic Voyage in literature and media. (And, panelists be warned, I do plan on opening this up to media portrayals. There might even be some Star Trek discussion). Sunday, 10:00AM

BBC Science Fiction - Orphan Black for the win. Sunday, 11:00AM

3D Printing - I did a panel on this at RavenCon last year, where I represented the sociological viewpoint rather than the technical one. Sunday, 2:00PM.

And I'll be at the entire con, so keep an eye out for me.