Monday, October 13, 2014

Capclave Recap

Overall - very good. Saturday did demonstrate the downside of a con not large enough to take over the hotel, with an extremely noisy Bat Mizvah going on on the other side of an air wall from one of the panel rooms. This rendered the room at times almost unusable.

An excellent program, with not too much of the usual problems (panelists trying to turn it into a personal presentation, audience members trying to be on the panel). My only personal complaint was putting Doctor Who across from Alternative Sexualities. That elicited a loud groan when I saw the grid.

One point of organization. Please, Capclave, make sure your moderators know they're moderating before they get to the panel room. One person might have just been disorganized. Several indicate a communication problem.

However, I was very impressed.

Unfortunately, I also have to add a warning to con goers, especially female ones: Be wary of people who are wandering around the actual con area without a badge. I was harassed by an individual who had apparently removed his badge and proceeded to attempt to get me to leave the building with him. The con people handled the situation very well, but were unable to do anything about the man concerned - apparently he was so shocked to find a woman willing to make a scene rather than go along with him that he left and never came back. (To be fair, this could have been just typical con overfriendliness - some people think it's perfectly reasonable to touch and hug total strangers, but he did not give me good vibes).