Monday, July 1, 2013


It's definitely summer. It's been "Should I leave the house without Gatorade" weather alternating with "Better not leave the house without rain gear." Or sometimes not alternating.

Summer tends to be a time to slow down, but I certainly haven't been doing that. I'm still working pretty hard (although I will be on vacation for a good chunk of August - actual vacation, no net access, nothing. I'll post exact dates closer to the time).

Still, there IS something about the heat that tends to force one to relax. Or flee. (Why, yes, I do plan on going somewhere colder). It's unavoidable. You can't make an effort when you're focused on staying cool and the heat across the country is ridiculous right now. I'm glad I'm not in California...

Okay. So I just wasted an entire blog post talking about the weather. Ah well.