Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doing Things "In Public"

I just saw somebody in my G+ stream confessing to reading an RPG book in public. Oh, and there's "Read Comics In Public Day." Uh, isn't that also known as Wednesday?

As "geek culture" becomes more mainstream, people will be more likely to do stuff in public they wouldn't have before. I've wandered out of convention centers in costume more than once - and usually not got much of a stare (because, natch, people knew the con was going on and oh, it's just one of those weird con people). In fact I've only once been asked why I was dressed like that and "What on earth is going on?" (There was an entire pirate crew in downtown Columbus. Mostly by coincidence).

So, I've thought a bit about it. Some people want to hide their fandom like a guilty secret. Then there are those of us who've never cared, who cheerfully wander around in Doctor Who T-shirts - or full blown costume. Who read comics in public every Wednesday and who aren't ashamed to admit they're meeting their gaming group. And that's a good thing. The only things anyone should be ashamed of are those that hurt others.

The only things my gaming habit has ever hurt are orcs and demons ;). And the occasional stormtrooper...