Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's that time again...

...when the American Library Association releases their list of the top "challenged" books for the previous year (2012). You know, the books people try to burn. The top ten is here.

I suppose it's something that only two of the books on the list are challenged for homosexuality. The full list for 2012 hasn't been posted to their website yet.

Once more, though, we're reminded that there are people out there who think that because a book is unsuitable for children, adults shouldn't read it either. (For book, feel free to substitute movie, TV show, video game...)

The 2011 full list has some interesting books on it - Anne Frank, The Hunger Games (gave somebody's kid nightmares - which doesn't surprise me - but it IS an awesome book), Brave New World (not for sex, but for misrepresenting Indians), a book about pit bulls - apparently the BSL people are now going after books now.


I understand the concerns of parents, but it's your call to know your child and advise them properly - not the rest of society's job to dumb everything down to what a home-schooled six-year-old can handle.

Banned Book Week isn't until September. I'll have to work out what I'm going to pointedly read in public that week. (Don't suggest Fifty Shades of Grey - I'm not a masochist). Hrm. Don't have anything on the 2012 list, but The Kite Runner intrigues me for, oh, exactly the reasons people want to burn it.