Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Shadow of a Dead Star by Michael Shean

For once I'm not reviewing a big name. And here's a disclaimer - Shean is a coworker of my husband's. So, now you know that even people I know get honest reviews.

For a debut novel this is very good. I have read better, but I have also read far, far worse. It is also refreshing to discover classic cyberpunk noir, a neglected genre of late. The book is published by a new small press and the quality of the editing could be better (the cover, however, is really good...I didn't realize until just now that Shean did the cover design himself - good work). I found the book a highly enjoyable read, if perhaps a little cynical - but then, it's noir. I've never really managed noir. I'm a cynic, but apparently in the wrong way to pull it off.

My only issue was with the twist ending. I won't say what happens to avoid spoilers, but I did not find it worked for me. Other people may have a different opinion. It's worth giving this guy a chance if you're feeling like supporting the independents.

It's available in both Print and Kindle versions, but only from Amazon.