Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Unfortunate news...

It appears that Twisted Library (formerly the Library of the Living Dead/Library of Horror) is in significant financial difficulties due to the state of the economy. Apparently, even evil dentists can be hit by it.

Because of this, they've decided to cancel most of the upcoming anthologies. It appears that Horror Comes Out may have been axed and I'm fairly sure Zombiality 2 and The South Will Rise Undead are also not going to be happening. It's a definite confirmation that Zombie Feary Tales is a no go.

However, the publisher is still afloat. Which led me to think of some things. With Christmas coming up, I can think of two presses that need support.

Norilana Press is also in some financial difficulties, and has also had to cancel and delay books.

With the holiday season coming up, consider one of the following books for a present. Books make cheap presents and you can read them as many times as you want to.

From Norilana Press:

Warrior Wisewoman 2

Warrior Wisewoman 3

From Twisted Library:

The Zombist: Undead Western Tales

Zombiality: A Queer Bent on the Undead

These are all great books...and they have me in them to boot.