Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have a new toy...

I got tired of not being able to write on the road (every writer has their rituals. One of mine is a complete inability to write longhand). So I bit the bullet and ordered an Asus EeePC netbook.

This is basically an ultraportable netbook. Ten inch screen, weighs less than ten pounds. It comes with the MeeGo operating system over a Linux kernel. I have yet to properly put it through its paces, but it arrived on my desk with Open Office and Adobe Reader pre-installed as well as usable email, instant messenger programs. It came with the Chromium web browser (which has the annoying feature of refusing to permit connection at ALL to sites it thinks the security certificate is revoked on, but I don't want to weigh a netbook down with a heavier browser).

I'll probably write a full review of it once I've actually used it a few times, but it has an...interesting GUI, a decent keyboard for a netbook and a surprisingly usable trackball. At the very least, I know it will be good enough to jot down story ideas on and I should be able to write on it. I plan on testing it soon by transferring the entire manuscript of Third Princess and seeing if I can edit it, or if I'm going to have to break down files to allow for the lesser computing power compared with my desktop.

I have hope that it's going to prove to be a handy toy, though.