Monday, May 23, 2011


So. I finally saw this movie yesterday. Verdict? Pretty good for what it is. There are some things I'm willing to give comic book movies a pass on (like camp levels) that I would find problematic in more serious productions.

This should be spoiler free, but things I liked:

1. Loki. Incredible casting...the actor was visually perfect with a great voice. And *somehow* they managed to pull off Loki's goofy costume on the big screen without it coming over as completely laughable. He was both sinister and sympathetic.

2. Watch the Thor versus SHIELD scene for a couple of nods to the fans. I won't say any more than that because that IS a spoiler.

3. The bridge! Steampunk gods for the win! (The SFX in general were excellent, even though I didn't pay the extra to see the 3D print).

4. Mjolnir. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Things I didn't like:

1. There were a few cases where characters acted in ways that made little sense in terms of what went before. I almost feel as if they had length problems and ended up leaving stuff on the cutting room floor that should have stayed in the movie.

2. I realize it's true to the comics, but Hogan came over as 'Token Asian' to me...


Giving this one three stars. Well worth a watch, but should not be taken seriously.