Thursday, January 13, 2011

Science fiction staples.

They are quietly becoming reality all around us...but here's one one would not have expected.

There have been quite a few books, stories and movies based around the concept of hunting the 'most challenging prey of all', namely homo sapiens.

Well, it turns out the Coakham Hunt in East Sussex has been doing it for years. Before hunting animals with hounds was banned (a ban that is easy to get around), the Master of the Hunt realized that he was tired of certain dangers associated with hunting foxes. Foxes tend to run into dangerous situations to escape the hounds like, oh, onto freeways/motorways, across rail tracks and even head into cities. So, quietly, he dispersed the pack of foxhounds and put together a pack of bloodhounds and took to hunting...people.

This isn't, of course, some science fiction style blood sport. The hounds are trained not to hurt their quarry...although they might bowl them over and slobber all over them while searching their pockets for dog biscuits. And the hunt has no shortage of volunteers to be hunted...the combination of the adrenalin rush of fake danger and the mental exertion of trying to outwit the pack over distances that average a half marathon is apparently a lot of fun.

Now that it's being reported in the US media, I have to wonder if manhunting won't become a sport in the United States.

Running Man, just step aside now.

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