Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Great Secrets

Yesterday, I got an...interesting letter in the mail. With no return address (always suspicious). On opening, it proved to be an offer noone could refuse. All I had to do was send back the form, and these unnamed people would provide me with their book. Free.

Their book would, let's see here, help me: Lose weight, look younger, be more appealing to my husband, be loved by everyone, launch a multi-million dollar company, win at gambling, predict the future, heal the sick, play the piano and paint.

(I know I probably COULD make this stuff up...I'm a writer...but!)

In fact, these people claimed to be a secret society and included a demand to keep the communication confidential (see how well I'm obeying it). I got hours of laughter out of it. (There are real 'secret societies', this is not, people, how they operate). They even tossed in a couple of kabalistic references. My husbands reaction: Wow, they invited you to join the Illuminati.

I eventually defined it as the bastard offspring of Scientology and a vanity publishing scam.

But since then I've been thinking about it. There really is a great secret. The problem is, knowing the secret won't help you. In fact, I'll share the 'great secret' right now.

Believe in yourself.

See. Knowing it won't help you. Doing it will, and that's a day to day struggle that's hard. Like everything in this life that's worthwhile. No fake secret society can teach you how to do it. It has to come from within.

Like everything worthwhile.