Friday, January 28, 2011

Not long ago...

Not long ago I saw hope in Egypt, with Muslims protecting Copts.

Now? Suddenly the country is embroiled in violence. Tunisia is also in the throes of revolution. not what I meant.

Yet, this might also be one of those omelet making moments. It may well be that eggs are being broken right now. We don't know.

We don't know because the Egyptian government has managed to mostly shut down the internet. And much of the cell phone network. I rather hope there are some ham operators in the country who can get word out by lower tech means.

I sit here and I pray that this resolves itself in a manner that brings hope. That IS hope. That the decades of authoritarian rule and corruption end.

And I remember not that long and a lifetime ago seeing a wall come down. I do remember, yes, that a people bent on freedom cannot, in the end, be stopped.

So, this one goes out to everyone in Egypt. To everyone who has been trapped there by these troubles.

And finally, I would remind everyone in America that 'Revolution' is not always a dirty word.