Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tentative Balticon Schedule

Whewf. Once more I've ended up on half the panels ;).

This may not be my final schedule as they keep tweaking it but:

Friday 4pm - Horses 101 with Sarah Pinsker, Jack Campbell, and Walt Boyes
Friday 6pm - How to Present Your Genre Work in a Non-Genre Community with Charles Brown and Jennifer Brehl
Friday 8pm - Fanfiction as Critique and Commentary with Elaine Stiles, John Walker, Sara Testarossa and Tabitha Grace Challis
Friday 10pm - Dirty Mad Libs with Nobilis Reed, Laura Nicole Spence, Michael M. Jones and Scott Roche.
Friday 11pm - Late Night Tales From The Slush Pile with Nobilis Reed and Michael M. Jones

Saturday 1pm - Gaming Isn't Social...Is It? with Mildred Cady, Laura Nicole Spence, Christiana Ellis and Julayne Hughes
Saturday 3pm - Consent Violations and Bystander Intervention with Bill Lawhorn, Jay Smith, Nutty Nuchtchas and Nicki Lynch
Saturday 5pm - Readings with Sarah Pinsker and Ted Weber

Sunday 1pm - Dealing With Day to Day -isms in Gaming Culture with Mildred Cady, Laura Nicole Spence, Christiana Ellis and Julayne Hughes (apparently this is Team Gaming Culture)
Sunday 2pm - The Future of Work with Bill Lawhorn, Filthy Pierre, Larry Niven and Joy Ward.
Sunday 4pm - Fandom Trolls and How To Vanquish Them with Elaine Stiles and Don Sakers
Sunday 6pm - 50 Years of Pern with Andrew Fox, D.H. Aire, Walt Boyes and Don Sakers.

Yeah. 12 hours.

No, I do not have a signing. One may be scheduled, but otherwise I will be available (mostly, as I have to go get ice cream from the old fashioned parlor at SOME point) in the dealer room at the Rantings of a Wandering Mind booth when it is open and I am not on a panel. My books will be available there from when the booth is set up on Friday.

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