Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Infinity War Thoughts (Spoilers)

I enjoyed Infinity War (although I do think Black Panther was a better movie). Here are my thoughts/predictions:

1. Some people have complained about lack of character development. I wasn't expecting any, simply because comics crossovers never have character development. Char development takes place in individual titles, not big crossover events like this. This is not the first time the concept of the Giant Crossover has hit the screen. Admittedly, Crisis on Earth-X did have some char development, but it had a little more space for it (more time, fewer characters).

2. Vision isn't dead. Shuri has him backed up. However, he's not going to come back quite himself, because we have to have the Wanda/Vision romantic tragedy.

3. Loki isn't dead. Because Loki.

4. Heimdall is definitely dead.

5. Gamora isn't dead. She'll come back when somebody returns the soul gem...but that person has to become the next guardian of the soul gem. Quill will try to do it. Nebula will knock his ass out, grab the gem and go get her sister. Because we need Quill and Gamora for GotG 3. We don't need Nebula. (Alt. THANOS does it because that's the one act he regrets, but I think it more likely Thanos is going to die).

6. In the comics, Tony is the one who wields the gauntlet to repair the damage Thanos does. Could happen here. Alt. Steve. Both of their contracts are up...

7. Hulk smash puny Thanos.

8. Banner in the Hulkbuster suit was worth the price of admission.

9. Okoye still has the best lines. And even the best non-lines.

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