Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Farpoint Schedule

(And yes, I do like to work hard).

Friday, 3pm - How To Survive Your First SF/Media Con
Friday, 4pm - Signing
Friday, 5pm - Reading with Dr. Valerie Mikles and Susan Olesen
Friday, 6pm - Genetic Engineering in Science Fiction
Friday, 10pm - Farpoint Book Fair (Buy my books ;))

Saturday, 10am - Another Regeneration, Another Show (Doctor Who)
Saturday, 1pm - Defense Against The Dark Arts: Fandom Trolls and How to Vanquish Them
Saturday, 2pm - Signing
Saturday, 4pm - Reading with Phil Margolies and Keith DeCandido
Saturday, 5-7pm - Mass Launch Party
Saturday 7pm - Lady Versions: Representation, Gender Bending and Backlash

Sunday 1pm - Diverse Voices

Otherwise, eh, I'll probably be hanging out somewhere, possibly in costume (I'm bringing Mrs Emma Peel and Agent Dana Scully to this con).