Friday, January 5, 2018

CW Crossover - and Romance Plots

Romance in TV shows has traditionally taken one form.

Couple meets. Couple falls in love. Couple breaks up. Couple gets back together.

Couple gets married. In the finale. Alternatively, actor leaves the show, character dies, survivor is heartbroken. If they both leave the show, then you get the wedding in their last episode. (For extra fun, they have the wedding then kill one of them off, like...)

Outside of the soaps, which are more like comic books in their format, this is extremely prevalent.

Truth is, that there's a tendency for the vows to be at the end. And the message that sends is that your story ceases to be interesting when you get married. It's over. Maybe you'll get to come back, much later, as the mentors (or maybe you'll get the Han/Leia treatment and be split up off camera).

But married folks aren't interesting. They don't have stories.

So, I was quite surprised that in the CW crossover they finally let two of their leads tie the knot with their love interests, in the middle of a season, with no rumors at all about anyone leaving the show. I hope...hope...this doesn't mean anyone is about to die. (I wish I could trust them more, but it's hard given the record television has in this area).

I want to see Barry and Iris working together as a married couple. And I want to see Felicity becoming ever more badass.

(Also, I didn't ship Alex and Sarah before. Dang you people. Also, Alex is a superhero. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise).

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