Friday, December 1, 2017

MCU - A Few Things I Want

I've been thinking about this because of the Infinity War trailer dropping this week.

I have to admit? I was disappointed. The trailer to Infinity War is not nearly as good or intriguing as the one for Black Panther. I'm not saying anything about the quality of the associated movies and much of it is that the Black Panther trailer is really, really good.

So, what do I want moving forward?

Evans, Ruffalo, Hemsworth, Johanson, Downey and Renner are all only contracted through Avengers 4. This doesn't mean they are all leaving the franchise, but likely at least some will. Ragnarok sets the stage for Hemsworth departing as a regular character - Thor is now king of Asgard, after all. Steve may be replaced by Bucky as Captain America or, as happened in the comics, by Falcon.

Marvel has explicitly stated that the franchise will change significantly after the end of Infinity War.

So, what do I want to see?

Avengers has always had a rotating roster, and there are a number of characters I would like to see show up.

1. Namor - He's an interesting character, if morally conflicted. And given all of the other changes I'd like to propose a radical dream cast - John Boyega.

2. A new Hulk. If, IF Ruffalo is really leaving the franchise, we have two equally intriguing possibilities to replace the Incredible Hulk. The first, of course, is She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters). If Karen Gillen wasn't already in the franchise, she'd make a great Jen. Hayden Panettiere, though, has the delicacy required. The other alternative for Hulk #2 is, of course, Amadeus Cho. This would be a great opportunity to have an Asian actor in a major role, something that Marvel has been repeatedly criticized for. I'm struggling to find a good dreamcast because of the lack of prominent young Asian actors.

3. Valkyrie replacing Thor. They made it very explicit that Thor is not "whoever holds Mjolnir," locking the door on Lady Thor. The end of Ragnarok, though, also means it's unlikely Thor will be, shall we say, free to go adventuring. I loved Thompson's portrayal, and would love to see her as a regular Avenger.

4. Sam, not Bucky as Cap. Although I'm fairly sure I won't be getting this one, I don't know that MCU Bucky has the ability to be the Avengers' moral compass the way Steve is. I love Bucky as a character, but I'd rather see Sam with the shield.

5. Kamala Khan. Come on, she's an insanely popular character, has powers that aren't duplicated by anyone else on the roster (I have to admit that I don't like her powers, even though I like everything else about her). Another one I can't dreamcast - somebody give me some cool young Pakistani actors? They could slide her in in one of the Spider-Man movies - perhaps she meets Peter at a science fair? (Alternatively, she could show up in Inhumans, but that show isn't impressing me at all).