Tuesday, May 2, 2017

RavenCon Roundup

An amazing convention!

Special shoutouts go to:

Michael Winslow for the school program, the geek debates, and helping straighten out some schedule issues.

Everyone else on the committee for, you know, just being amazing.

Red Fish Rue Fish for the commission - if you're at a con she's at, check out her amazing work.

Chris Shrewsbury for losing with style.

Best panel - I can't decide. I was on a lot of programming and it was all great, but if absolutely pushed - probably the Harry Potter panel, with Asexuality a close second.

Best costume - for sheer artistry, Beauty and the Beast. For terrible puns, the Raven Cons (two adorable little girls in convict outfits with raven headdresses).

Everything went amazingly smoothly.