Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Preliminary Balticon Schedule

There's one item that will probably be added, but this is my official schedule as of right now:

Friday 4pm - How To Be A Good Moderator
Friday 5pm - Reading
Friday 7pm - Cutthroat Flashfic (I was hoping they'd let me moderate, but apparently suggesting the idea makes you Victim Prime).

Saturday 10am - Family In Science Fiction
Saturday Noon - Queering The Hero's Journey
Saturday 1pm - Astronomy & Hard SF (We're going to be talking exoplanets).
Saturday 6pm - Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading

Sunday 11am - What Diversity Is Good For
Sunday 1:30pm - Signing
Sunday 5pm - Do Heinlein's Juveniles Stand Up?

I'll probably spend the rest of the time either in science panels (because I didn't get to any at RavenCon and won't be able to park myself in the science track at AwesomeCon this year) or, you know, the bar.