Monday, March 13, 2017

This Bud's For...


Budweiser has announced an initiative to try and solve the problem of the fact that if you take beer (or any other carbonated beverage) into space, it goes flat and becomes, well, miserably undrinkable. The problem is that without gravity, the bubbles don't float to the top (and no head), and with the pressure difference...well, let's say experiments with soda got messy.

Mars might be a little better, as it does have gravity. But...

Why would Budweiser do this? Probably because of what we can potentially learn to improve brewing beer right here on Earth. But those Martians...let's just say human colonies that don't have alcohol in some form are...well. Not going to exist. And beer is what turned us into farmers in the first place.

They aren't going to be shipping a Clydesdale to the ISS any time soon, though.