Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: Breath by Kimberly G. Hargan

The major downside of this book is: It's not widely available. (I traded for a copy with the writer).

Hargan's book was printed in Russia, which means the table of contents is in the back. Apparently, that's how they do it over there. (Soviet Russia jokes aside). It contains two longer short pieces - The Words of Understanding and Unsettling Patterns and one shorter short, Breath.

Hargan's voice is surprisingly well developed, although Breath is a fairly standard "This is how we look like to aliens" piece and Unsettling Patterns reads more like a travelog (but a very good one) than a story. The latter shows definite influence from Hargan's past life as a diplomat. The Words of Understanding is the best piece in the collection, an interesting twist on a first contact story.

Given the quality of the writing, Hargan is definitely a new author to watch. Hopefully we'll see his work more widely available soon.