Friday, October 30, 2015

Mysteries of Hollowfield

So, Pathfinder types - I contributed an adventure to the Mysteries of Hollowfield campaign kit from Fat Goblin Games.

You can use the entire thing to fill in part of your campaign, drop in individual ones or even use it for a one off. Even better, it's pay what you want.

To incentivize you not to go "Ooh, free stuff" all proceeds (including what would normally go to creator royalties) from the kit are going to the RPG Creators Relief Fund. This is a charity that provides assistance to freelancers working in the game industry who have medical or other emergencies not covered, or not fully covered, by insurance. (Medical insurance is often a particular problem for freelancers).

That said, on to free stuff.

Because it's Halloween and there are zombies, The Silent Years: Mother is available free until midnight, PST tomorrow. Go to the Smashwords page for the book and use coupon code PE82D.

And happy Halloween, and don't forget to dress up!