Monday, June 15, 2015


I finally (blame con schedules) saw Mad Max: Fury Road.

I understand why some people *ahem*MRA*ahem* are upset by this movie. It took a testosterone-fueled franchise and, well...

...kept it exactly what it was except, more girls.

The really important thing about this movie is that the story, plot, and relationships between the characters would not have been materially different if Imperator Furiosa had been a man. Some of the dialogue would (they would probably have had to tweak the Many Mothers scenes a little). But it would have been the same exact movie. Except it would have been less fun because it wouldn't have pissed certain people off.

Most importantly, the relationship between Max and Furiosa would have been no different.

It's not just that Furiosa wasn't sexualized (they left that to the harem girls, although even they were clearly not meant to be for fanservice. In fact, I think it was written so as to make sure people who were tempted to objectify them were uncomfortable because, hello, sex slaves. In fact, the first time we really see them (as opposed to faces peeking from the smugglers' hold) they're cutting off their chastity belts. (Take home: After the apocalypse, make sure you have bolt cutters. I swear those bolt cutters were more useful than any guns they had).

At the same time, they kept it very much Mad Max, with the highlight being the guy in the red suit with the flamethrowing axe. Playing death metal. I mean, you can't get much more Mad Max than that.

I'm actually thinking somebody intended to annoy sexist action movie fans with this film. (And I think the people behind Ghostbusters are up to something too - Chris Hemsworth as the hot receptionist?)

The other thing I really liked about this movie was the almost complete lack of CGI. I have nothing against CGI effects, but one thing they don't yet do well is gritty, dirty and run down. (Which is why I'm glad Abrams is filming the new Star Wars analog). The sense of realism was very strong.

Yeah. I should have gone opening night ;).