Friday, June 26, 2015


...normally keep politics off this blog, but today's news is too big to ignore.

Regardless of what you feel about the specific ethics and morals - we do not live in a country where Biblical law is also secular law (and really, who would want to?)

(Also, the Bible does not define marriage as between one man and one woman - far from it).

I believe the court made the right decision. I don't believe this is completely the end of the fight on marriage (and certainly not the LGBT fight in general). But I do believe the right decision was made.

There is no justification for denying the important secular benefits we have put into the marriage package to same sex couples, other than the fact that it might offend some people. I saw a comment today from somebody who felt this was forcing her to accept homosexuality as "normal." Honestly? I don't care whether random people think homosexual relationships are normal.

I care about protecting the stability of those relationships and the children being raised by them. I care about people being able to visit their spouse in the hospital or bring their spouse into the country. I care even more about ensuring that if one parent dies any children are not separated from the surviving parent...or even from each their blood relatives.

The argument to protect the children is often used to try and force LGBT people into the closet. In this case, the Supreme Court used that very same argument in the opinion that granted the right to marry one's committed partner.

Rainbow flags flying today.