Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Okay, Okay...People, Please.

...get it right.

Amazon Japan has a new one-off item for sale: A 13 foot mecha. The company is asking $1 million for the prototype...and the arms (and weapons) cost extra. It's supposed to be a toy...that's one expensive toy.

So, I google Kuratas and here are the headlines:

Meet the $1 Million Robot You Can Buy on Amazon

There's a functional $1 million mech robot for sale on Amazon

Giant wearable mecha robot suit currently for sale on Amazon Japan for $1m.

Even the suit's maker, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, is calling it a "human ride robot."


It's not a robot if you control it from inside.

It's a mecha.


Jeeze. Don't you people know how to speak English? (Well, "human ride robot..."

The worst part is that one of the few outlets using the correct terminology is the Daily freaking Mail, which is a rag, but has the headline "Amazon selling 13ft exoskeleton Kuratas for ONE MILLION"

When the Daily Mail is doing better than you...

(Okay, I know. Common usage. I shouldn't complain, but I can't help it).