Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bigfoot Is A Bear

A massive study of supposed Bigfoot and Yeti samples revealed that the majority were (as should be expected)...bears. (The lead theory is that if the Yeti exists it's some kind of rare species of bear).

Other samples turned out to be wolves, raccoons, porcupine, deer, sheep, cows and, in at least one case, an actual primate - a human. So, while Bigfoot isn't "dead" there's definitely an absence of evidence going on.

In brighter news, some friends of mine just launched a kickstarter.

They're producing a new line of miniatures - of goblins. These miniatures are part of an ongoing campaign to fill the niche of goblin stuff for people who actually want to play the little blighters.

Anyone who pledges at least $8 will get their very own goblin - these are going to be pewter metal miniatures with slotted plastic bases. $20 will get you a choice from several different packs of Goblin miniatures. They're scaled to fit with your current 28mm miniatures.

(I'm not a big miniatures person myself, but these people are doing some really nice painted minis for those out there who just love the battle maps).

Dark Hold Goblin Adventurers Miniatures.