Friday, March 21, 2014

Occult Moon Press Release!

Beyond the horizon. Past the edge of the map. Beneath the world you know. There lie the lands of legend, home to every wonder that walks your dreams and every monster that stalks your nightmares. At the height of the Age of Exploration, gather your crew and set sail for glory, gold, and adventure!
Where will you go on your Strange Voyages?

Face off against pirates, mythological creatures, and the tyrannical kings of Atlantis in Strange Voyages! Strange Voyages is a supplement to the Fate Core system, and a complete campaign setting. Inside, you will find rules on creating your own sailing ship, how to easily adapt one of 12 templates to represent any creature from myth and legend, and a variety of exciting, easy-to-use magical powers to outfit your crew and their foes. You will need a copy of Fate Core, available as a pay-what-you-like pdf from, in order to play Strange Voyages.

Our Kickstarter is coming imminently, where you can become part of the adventure!