Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Few Notes

So, which animal do you think is best at detecting and identifying threats?

Elephants. Elephants can tell men from women and men of different ethnic groups apart by their voices. Even if you try to alter the voice to fool them. Not only that? They will all but ignore Kumba (who don't hunt elephants). They will go on alert if they hear the voices of male Masai (who do), but won't actually clear out if the men are talking - they know men who are talking aren't hunting! And it seems they probably tell the difference by actually distinguishing between the languages.

In Britain, they're still trying to decide where to put Richard III. The monarch's bones were found under a council car park. There's an argument whether he should be buried at Leicester (the closest cathedral to where he was found) or York Minister (the wish of some of his surviving relatives). I'd go with the relatives, personally. Which now means his relatives are suing the University of Leicester over the matter. Seriously, though, I think if his family has an opinion, shouldn't that count? Ah well.